Make it work on a Mobile

… was the overriding instruction given to us when we took on the project of revising the Babbacombe Inn’s website.

To be fair, the existing website ‘worked’ on a mobile [smartphone], just not very well. So we set about creating a responsive design that adapted itself to the browsing device. Away went the Flash graphics (not supported) and the fixed-width images, and in came fluid widths and elements that repositioned depending upon the screen width.

Take a look at the following images which show the same web page when viewed on two different width screens:

Babbacombe Inn wide screenshotBabbacombe Inn narrow screenshot

These pages are the same piece of HTML code, just styled differently by some ‘clever’ CSS. We’re proud of the result, which we think gives a striking and compelling website however you look at it.

To see for yourself, go to

Website for Mobiles

With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets now being used to browse the web, many people are becoming concerned about how their website will look and work when viewed on devices other than the traditional computer screen.

After all, the screens on these devices are much smaller than a computer monitor and, thanks to their inbuilt accelerometers, can orientate the picture into a landscape or portrait presentation.

At Studio Devon, we advocate the practice of Responsive Web Design to strive to ensure that, whatever the size of the screen browsing the website, the web page adapts itself to be seen in its best light.  To us, this is a much more elegant and practical option than having a separate website specifically developed to be served up to mobile devices.

Our first foray into responsive web design is the Babbacombe Festival ticket website, which has just been launched.  A striking yet simple site, this looks equally good on a large computer monitor or a mobile phone and, most importantly, is already attracting buyers for tickets for the various exciting and interesting events that are being held in the Babbacombe Festival marquee this June.

To have a look at how much better looking and easier to use a responsive website is on a mobile or tablet, point your iPad at