Studio Devon’s new website

It might not look that different from the previous one, but this new website, published today, represents a step change in website capability.

Underpinning the new website is the WordPress publishing platform, a long-established and comprehensive software package.  WordPress is what is known as a Content Management System (CMS), which means that any text or pictures (the content) of the website can be added, deleted or amended by people without the technical knowledge of HTML, FTP, PHP or other computer programming skills that used to be necessary.

What this new website is, therefore, is the first step by Studio Devon into being able to provide websites for people to manage themselves.  A proving ground for the software and our ability to use it.

And it works!  Please look around the new site and appreciate how customised it looks, while retaining the total flexibility that WordPress gives to be able to update it cleanly and quickly.  There are many other advantages to WordPress too!

If you are interested in what Studio Devon and WordPress can do for your website, please get in touch and we’ll discuss further.