Your website plays an increasingly important role in defining what people think about your organisation. Therefore you have to be sure that it gets your message across clearly and consistently. Studio Devon specialises in uncluttered, logical web design to achieve just that. We offer various web services to meet the range of needs of customers, from simple to complex.

Updateable Websites

If you are looking for a website that features content that changes regularly, you may be considering one which you can update yourself. Studio Devon’s CMS (Content Management System) offering, based on the WordPress publishing platform, delivers a bespoke website underpinned by world-leading tools which allow non-programmers to keep it fresh and dynamic.

Static Websites

A more affordable option, a static website may be just the thing your business or organisation needs. Think of it as a brochure, showing readers the important points about you in a visually pleasing format. With the Internet as the first place many people look when seeking a service, if you don’t have a website, you may as well not exist! We can help you by designing and publishing a custom-built website that gets your message across. Prices start at under £100!

Website Maintenance

So you have a website, but perhaps it needs updating to reflect your new logo, or your prices have changed, or maybe you just want to freshen it up. Studio Devon can help you, even if we didn’t build it in the first place. You may have some minor changes you want to make but feel that the job is too small to bother anyone with. Or maybe you want to keep adding fresh content to your site but can’t justify employing someone to do it. Let us be your technical department. We are happy to take on one-off maintenance jobs, no matter how small, or work on a retained basis to make regular changes. Our minimum charge is £20 (discount available for regular customers) – not much to bring your online image bang up to date.

Technical Assistance

Every website has an element of technical set-up behind it. At the very least, you need a domain name (your web address) and a host to run it for you. Studio Devon can manage all the technical stuff for you to ensure your site is reliably available, and we will not charge a premium for doing so. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to have a Studio Devon website.