Refresh for Village Show site

The Bishopsteignton Village Show has been running for 17 years and for the past 5 years, Studio Devon has maintained its website. We try to keep it up to date and changing so that visitors to the site will continue to be entertained.

With only a few weeks to go till the next show (1st & 2nd September) it was time for a refresh. The major change we made this time was to make the screen width flexible to adapt to the many different display devices that people use to access the web these days. We also spruced up the picture galleries that form a major part of the archive pages.

We are happy to support this community event which does so much to bind the people of the village together, and of course we will be on hand at the beginning of September to load up the show results onto the site, as per usual.

To visit the Bishopsteignton Village Show site, go to