Make it work on a Mobile

… was the overriding instruction given to us when we took on the project of revising the Babbacombe Inn’s website.

To be fair, the existing website ‘worked’ on a mobile [smartphone], just not very well. So we set about creating a responsive design that adapted itself to the browsing device. Away went the Flash graphics (not supported) and the fixed-width images, and in came fluid widths and elements that repositioned depending upon the screen width.

Take a look at the following images which show the same web page when viewed on two different width screens:

Babbacombe Inn wide screenshotBabbacombe Inn narrow screenshot

These pages are the same piece of HTML code, just styled differently by some ‘clever’ CSS. We’re proud of the result, which we think gives a striking and compelling website however you look at it.

To see for yourself, go to

Website for Mobiles

With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets now being used to browse the web, many people are becoming concerned about how their website will look and work when viewed on devices other than the traditional computer screen.

After all, the screens on these devices are much smaller than a computer monitor and, thanks to their inbuilt accelerometers, can orientate the picture into a landscape or portrait presentation.

At Studio Devon, we advocate the practice of Responsive Web Design to strive to ensure that, whatever the size of the screen browsing the website, the web page adapts itself to be seen in its best light.  To us, this is a much more elegant and practical option than having a separate website specifically developed to be served up to mobile devices.

Our first foray into responsive web design is the Babbacombe Festival ticket website, which has just been launched.  A striking yet simple site, this looks equally good on a large computer monitor or a mobile phone and, most importantly, is already attracting buyers for tickets for the various exciting and interesting events that are being held in the Babbacombe Festival marquee this June.

To have a look at how much better looking and easier to use a responsive website is on a mobile or tablet, point your iPad at

Heronbridge Redesigned

Heronbridge compass logoHeronbridge Investment Managers recently asked Studio Devon to revamp their website and give it a new design.  They had seen our work with other institution Highclere and wanted a similar modernisation of their online image.

Only too pleased to help, we quickly imported their existing site into a new layout and then offered a selection of images for them to choose from to use in the site.  They opted for a nautical theme.  After amending the page text that they wanted to see on their site we were able to complete the work in very short order – and for a very reasonable price.

To visit the Heronbridge site, go to

Refresh for Village Show site

The Bishopsteignton Village Show has been running for 17 years and for the past 5 years, Studio Devon has maintained its website. We try to keep it up to date and changing so that visitors to the site will continue to be entertained.

With only a few weeks to go till the next show (1st & 2nd September) it was time for a refresh. The major change we made this time was to make the screen width flexible to adapt to the many different display devices that people use to access the web these days. We also spruced up the picture galleries that form a major part of the archive pages.

We are happy to support this community event which does so much to bind the people of the village together, and of course we will be on hand at the beginning of September to load up the show results onto the site, as per usual.

To visit the Bishopsteignton Village Show site, go to

Adding Value to Regatta Website

The official Torbay Week regatta website was one of the first websites that Studio Devon worked on. We designed and built a comprehensive site full of information for competitors and spectators alike.

Members of the regatta team subsequently maintained the site, adding their own pictures and stories as the years passed. This year, we were approached to take the website one step further by integrating in an online entry system to allow competitors to register and pay for their regatta entry via the web.

This presented an interesting programming exercise for us, different from the usual design-and-build work we are normally asked to do. We built a database and a clever webpage which stepped the user through a process of entering their boat details, selecting the races they want to enter and then selecting their payment method.

After an acceptance test by the regatta team, the new functionality is now live on the Torbay Week website ready for this year’s event in August.

2014 Update

After a change in personnel within the regatta committee, development of their website was taken on by another designer who has produced a new look while retaining much of the original Studio Devon code.