Improved website for Highclere Investors

International financiers Highclere International Investment recently asked Studio Devon to evaluate and update their website  They wanted to make some minor changes and their existing web developer was unable to help.

Taking on a website originally developed by someone else is something that we have often done and doesn’t have to be problematical or costly.  In this case the straightforward nature of the site meant that there was no time lost evaluating and acclimatising to the existing code, so we were able to help out immediately.

Part of our ethos is to strive to produce websites which follow recognised standards, are consistent in appearance and which are accessible to all users (for example blind users will probably have a screen-reader browser and so the website should be written to enable this to interpret it properly).  We applied this philosophy to our updated version of the Highclere website and the client was delighted.

If you have a website which you would like us to check out in the same way, then please get in touch.  It needn’t cost much, and may bring extra browsers and customers!

Slideshow website

Following this year’s hugely successful Babbacombe Festival, Studio Devon has launched a slideshow website featuring fun pictures from some of the festivities.

The website was published just a matter of days after we were engaged by the Festival organiser. Using a bright theme and simple navigation, the site hopefully captures the excitement and enjoyment of the Festival Marquee events.

To view the slideshow, go to